Value Added Resources Acquires Millennium Group of Indiana

Indianapolis, IN, September 30, 2014 -- Value Added Resources, a subsidiary of Wilson Logistics, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Millennium Group of Indiana, a third party warehousing and logistics company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Millennium has been providing the highest quality warehousing and logistics services to its clients for over 15 years. They have found a niche in the market for providing tailored solutions for small to mid-size companies without the inflated price tag that these services normally cost.

Scott Wilson, CEO of Value Added Services, said: "Millennium has a reputation second to none in the logistics industry. This made the decision quite easy for Value Added Resources, and we knew it would be a great fit for us. We will marry the Value Added infrastructure and resources with Millennium's vast knowledge, to provide our current and future clients with an unprecedented level of service. This is truly an exciting time for both organizations!"

Steve Mallory, President of Millennium Group of Indiana, said: "When we began conversations with Scott, it was critical for us to find a partner that was as dedicated to the client as we were. We couldn't be happier with the decision we've made. This partnership opens up many opportunities for everyone!"

Effective immediately, Millennium Group will operate under the name Value Added Resources and relocate its United States headquarters to 7900 Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214. The contact information will remain the same at: Phone: 317-899-1000 Fax: 317-899-2259 Email: Website:

Any questions should be directed to Scott Wilson, Steve Mallory, or Carolyn Huff at 317-899-1000

Are you looking for a warehouse and distribution center in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Value Added Resources specializes in all forms of warehousing, distribution, and logistics. This enables us to create a turnkey solution for your logistics needs. We offer many services including storage, order fulfillment, distribution, freight management, pick and pack, and inventory management, all with online activity visibility.

As the economy tightened over the last couple of years, many companies were forced to look at their overhead and do everything possible to reduce costs. This meant a boom in the number of companies moving to outsourced warehousing and logistics. This market driven transition has shown thousands of small, medium, and large corporations how cost effective outsourcing can be.

The ultimate question is why the dramatic difference in costs between managing your own fulfillment and outsourcing?

This can be attributed to the high overhead associated with maintaining a full distribution facility. Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers enable their clients to divide the operating expenses among the many companies utilizing their warehousing services.

The concept of “dividing costs” allows your company to only pay for its percentage of rent, labor, machinery, forms, utilities, and every other operating cost! Just imagine not having to pay to heat that 10,000sq. ft DC, or pay that 45,000 warehouse manager, or not having to buy and manage a complex Warehouse Management System.

These are just some of the variables that enable Value Added Resources to save you time, money, and headaches. Truth be known, some of our customers have full time jobs other than what we distribute for them. They utilize our integration services with their website, and they never have to touch an order. They get to come home from a long days work to see what has shipped out and check the money in the bank!

What separates Value Added from other warehouses?

We firmly believe that we are a critical extension of your company. Your corporate image is reflected through the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of your inventory when orders arrive at your customer's door. We recognize that our growth is directly connected to your successes. This is why it is vital for us to operate in the best interest of both your organization and ours.

Further, we don't care how small you are. We welcome every customer with the same attention whether you have 5 pallets or 5,000 pallets.

Please take the time to fill out the request form, and allow us to show you how Value Added can give you professional distribution center services at a fraction of the cost. We will put together a no obligation free quote detailing a solution to your warehousing and distribution needs. We are confident that we can prove our value to your organization.

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